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Giving Garden

The Giving Garden is a project that grows organic pesticide free fruits and vegetables for the One Life emergency food box pantry. It also serves as a Learning Garden to allow individuals in our community the ability to learn how to grow a garden at home.

Healthy fresh fruits and produce is a limited commodity in an emergency food box. In fact most fresh produce we receive is very close to spoiling. We wanted to be able to give individuals and families the opportunity to have access to good nutritious food even though they might not have the funds to purchase them.

Volunteers’ plant, weed, water and harvest the produce that is brought to the emergency food box pantry. They also help provide the classes we offer.

In 2007 we were awarded the "Excellence in Client Services award" from the Oregon Food Bank for our garden.

Interested in helping in the community garden, or simply planting an extra row of produce for the food pantry? We are always looking for volunteers and donations.